LPG is a naturally occurring product of the natural gas extraction process. It is also an automatic result of the oil refining production process. As a low carbon, low polluting fossil fuel, it is recognised by governments around the world for the contribution it can make towards improved indoor and outdoor air quality and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. This provides society with substantial advantages when it is used as a substitute for petrol, diesel, heating oil or most solid fuels. In rural areas where the inherent inefficiency of centralised electricity production is most pronounced, LPG can offer substantial CO2 emission reductions for many applications. LPG is widely available and is becoming more so due to the increase in natural gas fields coming on line around the world.

LPG can be used for hundreds of commercial and domestic applications. SHV Gas is proud to lead the way in developing existing and new markets for LPG around the world through effective innovation, education and promotion strategies.