Growing production, abundant reserves

Thanks to natural gas and the oil-refining industry, Europe is almost self-sufficient in LPG. Europe’s security of supply is further safeguarded by:

  • a wide range of sources, both inside and outside Europe;
  • a flexible supply chain via water, rail and road with numerous routes and entry points into Europe;

At the beginning of 2008, world reserves of natural gas – from which most LPG is derived - stood at 6,342.411 trillion cubic feet. If you add to this the LPG derived from cracking crude oil, this amounts to a major energy source that is virtually untapped and has massive potential.

Production continues to grow at an average annual rate of 2.2%, virtually assuring that there is no risk of demand outstripping supply for the foreseeable future.

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Download the list of locations as PDF Download the list of locations as PDF

World leader in the distribution of LPG   In order to guarantee continuous supply to its customers in Europe, SHV Energy has invested in a comprehensive infrastructure in the form of import terminals, regional depots and inland caverns. Terminals are strategically located around the coastline of the EU and SHV Energy continuously invests in the expansion and maintenance of these important assets.