The efficient solution for the EU’s rural citizens

Despite a steady growth in urbanisation, rural areas still account for 90% of the EU’s territory and are home to approximately half of its population. Relatively few of these areas can benefit from piped natural gas. Electricity is often expensive and liable to disruptions.

LPG is an ideal power source for a rural population, either as a primary source or, increasingly, in combination with renewable fuels. LPG also plays a role in replacing chemicals in agricultural applications where it can be used for sanitizing stalls or for weed control in eco-farming.

World leader in the distribution of LPG   In several European countries, SHV Energy subsidiaries are working actively with environmentally-conscious farmers towards replacing chemicals with LPG in weed control. A transportable tank connected to a set of burners has been developed which can be fitted to a tractor. Instead of spraying chemicals, the farmer can simply burn off the weeds in a very cost-effective way.