A European power source

LPG currently satisfies about 1.6% of Europe’s total energy consumption, supplying more than 120 million European citizens. 94% of European demand is satisfied by European production (outside Russia) yet potential production is many times greater. In other words, Europe is and will remain highly self-sufficient in LPG.

Furthermore, imported LPG originates from many different parts of the world, drastically reducing dependency on any one source (only 1.7% of Europe’s LPG originates in the Middle East). This reduced dependency is further increased by the numerous entry points into Europe and the flexible supply chain. There are no vulnerable pipelines.

The European LPG industry is very competitive. Its highly effective organisation and logistics allow European citizens to benefit from a secure source of LPG wherever they live. There are also less obvious benefits such as the employment opportunities inherent in a production and distribution system that is almost entirely European and, to a large extent, already in place. And lastly a portable, affordable energy source also provides further opportunities for regional development.

European Energy European LPG Source of LPG imports to Europe

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